28 Days Later

"Lesson one; you never go anywhere alone, unless you've got no choice." - 28 Days Later

360 Screenings presented 28 DAYS LATER on October 24th, 2012, to a sold-out audience. It was our largest and most ambitious event to date, with audiences purchasing tickets from across Canada, and we were able to donate over 200 food items to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

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There are the infected. There are survivors. And then there's you.

Humanity has been compromised and those lucky enough to have secured a ticket to our Halloween Edition were granted access to The Berkeley Church - the safehouse - at 7:00pm. There, Travelers, dressed in army fatigues, were greeted by a priest.

Beyond him, civilization was in a state of rebirth. Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER was fully realized...

Once inside The Berkeley Church, Travelers were shown around by Major Henry West, leader of the safehouse. Private Jones, the cook, prepared dinner (using spoiled eggs), while Sergeant Farrell tried to convince all from his prison cell that there's no point in trying. "There's no infection, just people killing people!"

The threat of the infected was always just around the corner - outside in the garden, an infected chained to the wall lunged at Travelers through a series of bloody sheets while another infected grabbed from a closed cupboard.

Deeper in the safehouse revealed more of the story. Jim has awoken from a coma on a hospital gurney, terribly confused and afraid. Selena, having been on the run for the past 4 weeks, has just found an ally in our main character Jim, while Hannah, who'd been forced to take Valium, desperately searched for her mother. Upstairs, Frank greeted guests to his cramped apartment, offering comfort in a cup of Crème de Menthe. Sadly, Jim's parents have decided to end their life before they too become an infected.

An activist lobbied for support against the abuse of chimps, while a scientist tried everything in her power to prevent the activist from setting the chimps free.

What the activist didn't know was that the chimps were infected with RAGE. But it was already too late.

Berkeley Church